Great Sampford

Community Primary School

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Ethos & Values

Our Vision, as a staff and Governing Body, is to provide a safe and caring learning environment where everybody feels valued. We want to use this environment to establish a life-long love of learning in all our children to create confident, happy, independent learners that are determined, respectful, enthusiastic and nurtured to achieve their potential.


   Children are central to our ethos:

    * Confident - We develop self-confidence to fulfill our potential.

    * Happy - We learn in a happy and caring environment.

    * Independent  -  We develop independence to help us make good decisions and to motivate us to achieve.

    * Learners  -  We love learning and improving our knowledge and understanding of the world.

    * Determined  -  We persevere, aim high and are determined to do the best we possibly can.

    * Respectful - We are well mannered and respectful of each other and the diverse world around us.

    * Enthusiastic  - We approach our work with enthusiasm and enjoyment to maximise our learning.

    * Nurtured  - We are nurtured so that we may grow to be responsible, helpful citizens


How are we rewarded?

How are we rewarded? 1