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Our Board of Governors is the strategic decision-making and vision-setting body in our school. It  plays a vital role in ensuring the best possible education for every child by creating robust accountability for school leaders. Crucially, that means using and being familiar with objective ‘standards’ data on the performance of pupils, teachers and finances.


This confidence with the data enables them to ask the right questions and ensure resources are correctly allocated in relation to school priorities to ensure that the highest possible standards are achieved.” As such governors are accountable to the Department for Education (DfE) and the Local Authority (Essex County Council) for the standards of learning that take place.


    A message from the Chair of Governors...  


My name is Paris Mikkides and I am Chair of Governors. In the twelve years that I have been a Governor at Great Sampford, I have never been as excited about the direction of the school and what the future holds for us as I am now. We have a new, young and dynamic leadership team with ambition and drive, an experienced, united staff that always go the extra mile and a knowledgeable, supportive and fully committed Governing Body. 


We are a small rural village school at the heart of a vibrant local community and with the local community in our hearts. We may be small but we have big ideas; ideas which translate into tangible benefits for all of our learners. For example, we have installed a purpose-built kitchen to enhance our children’s independence and practical skills by allowing them to explore their culinary creativity and enrich their learning experiences. We have a well-stocked, comfortable library which is a marvellous asset, well loved and utilised by all children. Our extensive grounds and playing fields provide an excellent outdoor space for socialising, playing and exercising and includes a substantial garden where the children can grow and tend their own produce.


Our outstanding reputation is founded on an ethos which puts our children first and makes every individual the focus of our endeavours. Everything we do, we do for our children; they are the reason our entire school community is committed to providing the secure, happy and stimulating environment that enables each individual to flourish and maximise his or her full potential. There is an excellent relationship between the staff and governors, working collaboratively to realise our vision: to establish a life-long love of learning in all our children, creating confident, happy, independent learners that are determined, respectful, enthusiastic and nurtured to achieve their potential.


Both my children went through Great Sampford Primary, from Early Years to Year 6 and have come out well-rounded, polite and talented young people. But I am biased, so why not come and see for yourself. Make an appointment and come and see us – you will be very welcome, and you will see first hand just what “small enough to care, big enough to inspire” really means.