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Word of the Week

Can you use these words at home? 

Do you know what they mean?

Can you write them in a sentence?

Date Word of the Week
28th November

Word of the week - PERSEVERANCE

Definition - When you keep on trying even though you may be finding it tricky.

E.g Even though, he found the problem tricky he got there with his own perseverance. 

5th December

Word of the week - AMBLE

Definition - Meaning to walk at a slow and relaxed pace.

E.g. She ambled over to the bench. 

12th December

Word of the week - PERPLEXED

Definition - Meaning to be completely baffled and confused. 

E.g. I'm not sure where I put my book, I'm perplexed. 

5th January

Word of the week - ASTRONOMICALLY

Definition - very large / immense.

E.g. It takes an astronomical amount of money to build a car factory.

9th January 

Words of the week - DUSK and DAWN.

Definition - Dusk: When it starts to get dark. Dawn: The first appearance of light.

E.g. They worked from dawn to dusk. 

16th January 

Word of the week - INFINITE

Definition - to be continued indefinitely

E.g. The number sequence was infinite.

23rd January 

Word of the week - CLAMBER

Definition - to climb using both feet and hands with difficulty.  

E.g. With difficultly, I had to clamber over the mountainous pile of clothes.  

30th January 

Word of the week - GLIMPSE 

Definition - to look quickly at something.

E.g. I took a glimpse of the blurb- it looks great!

6th February 

Word of the week - CHRONOLOGICAL

Definition - following an order of time, or from when events happened.

E.g. 'Please give me the dates in chronological order'.

20th February 

Word of the week - SERENDIPITY 

Definition - a happy accident or when you find something valuable by chance.

E.g. Nature has created wonderful serendipity.

27th February 

Word of the week - VAST

Definition - immense, being of great size. 

E.g. She had a vast amount of knowledge.

6th March

Word of the week - DIGIT

Definition - A digit is a written symbol for any of the ten numbers from 0 to 9.

E.g. In maths, we must put one digit in each box.

13th March

Word of the week - UNIQUE

Definition - To be one of a kind.

E.g. We are all unique in our own way. 

20th March 

Word of the week - DEVOURED

Definition - To eat with speed

E.g. I devoured the chocolate cake. 

27th March 

Word of the week - ABUNDANCE 

Definition - There is more than enough of something.

E.g. The area has an abundance of wildlife.

17th April 

Word of the week - CONSIDERATE

Definition - To show careful thought or to take care not to harm others.

E.g. They were considerate of others and held the door open. 

24th April 

Word of the week: ILLUMINATE

Definition: To make something bright or visible by shining light on it 

E.g. They used the candles to illuminate the church.

1st May

Word of the week: ASCEND 

Definition: To go from smallest to largest.

E.g. I would like you to put the numbers in ascending order.

8th May

Word of the week: CURRENCY

Definition: Money, such as coins or banknotes, used in a particular country.

E.g. The currency of Spain is the Euro. 

15th May 

Word of the week: ELATED 

Definition: Extremely happy and excited, often because something has happened or been achieved.

E.g. Mr Payne felt elated when the children tried their best.

22nd May

Word of the week: FLAMBOYANT

Definition: To be very noticeable and attract a lot of attention.

E.g. The peacock had flamboyant, green and blue feathers. 

5th June

Word of the week: CLIMATE

Definition: The usual weather conditions in a certain place. 

E.g. Antarctica has a cold climate. 

12th June

Word of the week:  INQUISITIVE  

Definition: Having or showing an interest in learning things; curious.

E.g. Bob was very inquisitive about the mysterious stone that appeared on his table. 

19th June

Word of the week:  ACCEPTANCE

Definition: The acceptance of somebody into a group means to think of them as part of the group and to act in a friendly way. To be able to tolerate people or situations. 

E.g. We show acceptance of everybody in our community. 

26th June

Word of the week: EXOTIC

Definition: Unusual and exciting because of coming (or seeming to come) from far away, especially a tropical country.

E.g. The exotic foods were delicious.

3rd July Word of the week: POLYGON

Definition: May be regular with all sides and angles equal, or irregular with varying side and angle sizes.

E.g. A regular hexagon is a polygon with 6 equal sides and angles. 
10th July

Word of the week: OMINOUS

Definition: Suggesting something unpleasant/ threatening or evil is going to happen.

E.g. The clouds looks ominous as they rolled over the stormy sea.