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Puffin Class

Puffin Class


Puffin class combines our Year 1 and Year 2 children. The class is taught by the very skilful Miss Swain. She is supported by Mrs Hale and Mrs Mikkides.

Please find our Topic map and Homework map below.

Do you know why the Great Fire of London spread so quickly? We recreated it on our school field to see what happened.

We had a super nature walk. We saw lots of signs of autumn.

Take a look at our amazing drip painting.

We loved our Teddy Bear Run.

We loved our trip to the zoo. It was a great start to our new topic! We saw so many different animals and even talked to a zoo keeper.

We had an amazing Castles Day! Take a look at some of the exciting activities we got up to.

We have had a great first week. We have been practising our counting, playing instruments, making boats and learning about teens numbers!

Beach day was lots of fun. We loved playing in the water, making fruit kebabs and searching for shells.

We had a great time exploring atlases and globes this afternoon.

We had a great time creating our flower pictures. We used oil pastels and tried to blend the colours together.

We have started learning about fractions.

Take a look at some of our super home learning!

Video Newsletter

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We had a fantastic time ordering numbers this week.

We have been learning about tens and ones. We used sticks and stones to represent our numbers

Puffin class have worked hard becoming more familiar with teens numbers.

We had a great time retelling the story of The Gruffalo.

Puffin class learning bar models with anything that comes to hand.

Nothing Stops Puffin Class Learning and Having Fun! Even a Global Lockdown!

Class assembly...the extended edition. The children show the weather composition they created, which was missed from the assembly.

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World Book Day! The class look fantastic!

World Book Day Show: Alice in Wonderland.

Sir David the Brave, visited the class to enlist them as Squires. The class got to find out about medieval armour.

Windsor Castle visit (limited photos due to photography restrictions in castle)

Ingenuity Week! Meteors, Tesco fruit tasting, Bayeux Tapestry recreations and Linton Zoo Visit! What a week!

Ingenuity week part 1. Dr Laing (an engineer) challenged the children to build lego cars that would survive a trip down the ramp and keep 'Eggbert' safe.


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Still image for this video

Designing and building castles! As part of our 'Castles' topic.

Counting up and down in tens, using our new number stepping stones.

Using concrete materials in maths to count in twos.

The children have begun learning to code. They had to give instructions to 'Robots' who would only move if they were told. They navigated their way around the mazes made by the lines of the playground.

King William's treasure chest has broken open. The children went on a hunt for the money while learning to identify the different coin values.

Year 1 are counting the King William the Conqueror's treasure chest. Using number lines to help them.

Puffin class were practising adding.

Puffins have been investigating 2d shapes and baking biscuits at the same time!

Puffin Class were developing their ability to work together using a parachute! No aircraft were involved.

Year one were in the hall making and identifying 2d shapes.

Puffin class visited Stansted Aerodrome. They loved the science stations, dressing up, meeting fire fighters and seeing jets land.

Puffin Class are trying to make their rockets fly higher and faster. They were investigating with different pumps.

The class have been making different fast forms of transport as a dance activity.

The class have started guided reading every day. The activities rotate round the class.

The Water expert came to visit. The children had a chance to do some great investigations.

The children are reading and writing books by Oliver Jeffers. Mr Laing went to London on Saturday to get Oliver to sign and draw a cartoon in some of his books.

The children having been revising their numbers to 100 by playing snakes and ladders.

The children were playing a game finding the numbers rolled on the special dice.

Puffin class were mixing counting with PE.

Year one were sorting shapes by their properties.

Pirate treasure was found in Puffin class! Year 1 were counting fists full of plunder and writing these numbers down. Year 2 were counting gold bars and coins.

Puffin Class were testing paper aeroplanes. Someone went too early! Some of the planes were stuck like in the book "Stuck' that we are reading.

Year 2 were representing 2 digit numbers using sticks for tens and stones for ones.

Puffin wrote stories and scripts for a Punch and Judy show. They then performed them to the class.

Puffin Class mixing maths and cooking. Making repeating pattern fruit kebabs.

KS1 Striking skills festival. The class were coached in a range of striking activities by SWCHS staff.

Puffin Class were thinking about their new topic: 'Holiday!' They made virtual visits to various holiday spots around the world.

Puffin Class have been recreating Magritte paintings.

Puffin class had great fun in sports day.

Puffin Class took part in a Chinese Culture Day.

In the morning, the class took part in a variety of art and design activities. The class made a terracotta army out of clay, designed willow pattern plates, wrote in Chinese, learnt about pandas and made Chinese instruments.

In the afternoon, the class began learning a Chinese drum routine and a Chinese dance. 

Puffin class have been hard at work coding.

Puffin class were giving each other instructions on how to cross the road safely.

Chinese Culture Day

Chinese Cooking

Sharing our fantastic home work in assembly.

Ralph the Reindeer! Our Christmas show went very well.

Baking in 'Pudding Lane'

Puffin class have been studying The Great Fire of London. As the fire started in a bakery, the class baked bread. Mrs Mikkides made sure that the school did not befall the fate of London in 1666!

Science experiments