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The School Day

8:30 - 8:50

Our school day begins and the children are welcomed into their classrooms by their teachers. Children begin their early morning activities.


The register is taken and sent to the school office. Morning lessons begin.


Our daily assembly

Monday: School Values

Tuesday: Reading

Wednesday: Our community

Thursday: Singing

Friday: Celebration (9:00)


Morning playtime

Children in EYFS and KS1 receive a piece of fruit of vegetable at break time. KS2 children may bring a small healthy snack from home.


Lunchtime begins. EYs and KS1 welcomed in the hall first and the KS2 children welcomed in the hall from 12:15. 
The children have a cooked school dinner or a packed lunch in the hall or may choose to eat outside if the weather permits. 


Afternoon lessons start for all children.


End of the day for Robin Class. (32hrs 30 mins a week)


End of the day for Puffin Class. (32 hrs 55 mins a week)


End of the day for Swift and Eagle Class. (33 hrs 45 mins a week)